Calibration Bench

Bench CR 800

Calibration Benches
We can integrate your own instruments (we take care of integration) or be supplied with all the instrumentation. Are useful to maintain neat and save space by moving some instruments on the rack shelf. The instruments are easily removable for periodic re-calibration. Reference point for pressure connections indicated on the front panel for the correction due to the difference in height.

• According to your needs
• Drawers: 3, 4, 5 or 6
• Top: bi-laminated (1500 x 900 x 30 mm) or (2000 x 900 x 30 mm)
• Available models for ESD
• Console: 4U x 1500 mm or 4U x 2000 mm
• Dimensions:
– 1500 (L) x 900 (W) x 1550 (H) mm
– 2000 (L) x 900 (W) x 1550 (H) mm
– Other dimensions on request (please contact us)

Made in Italy


CTB - Pressure Reference

The CTB bench - 1.5 m pressure reference is designed to provide laboratories and instrument workshops with an integrated system for calibrating pressure measuring instruments.

The standard bench has the following features:

- # 1 pressure balance (ranges available from 1 bar to 7000 bar)
- # 2 reference digital pressure gauges model CUBE-P (96x96) see datasheet in the section "digital pressure gauges"
- # 1 dual field thermometer for temperature verification with 4-wire pt100 see datasheet in the "temperature" section CUBE-T
- # 1 portable digital pressure gauge mounted on manifold mod. CRP101 see datasheet in section "digital pressure gauges"
- # 1 three position manifold with manual tightening connections
- # 1 general power module with emergency push button
- # 1 module with power outlets
- #4 drawers with key lock

Other configurations available on request

CTB-LB2000 - Test bench for pressure, temperature and electrical signals

The CTB series are used in laboratories or workshops for testing and calibration of instruments for measuring pressure, temperature and electrical signals. Among these for example:
- analogue pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, digital thermometers, thermometric chains, thermocouples, resistance thermometers and much more.

Technical features CTB-LB2000:

- Length: 2000 mm

The standard configuration includes:
- # 4 pneumatic supply modules + vacuum pump
- # 1 general power module with emergency push button
- # 2 modules with reference instruments for measuring pressure
- # 2 modules with fixed and variable power supplies
- # 1 module with digital multimeter
- # 1 module with reference instrument for temperature measurement
- # 1 module with power supplies
- # 1 dry block for the calibration of the thermo-elements

Other available modules: contact us or download the catalog

1.5 m benches and different configurations are available.

BVSP - Automatic bench for pressure instruments test & calibration

The BVPS bench allows you to test and calibrate instruments for measuring pressure automatically and semi-automatically.
Pressure control takes place fully automatically up to 1000 bar in liquid medium and 230 bar in gas.
The test management software interacts with the controller in order to automate the test / calibration cycles by storing the results for printing reports or certificates.

Technical data
- 1,5 m bench 19 "rack structure
- safety frame in plexiglas with switch
- triple safety system to guarantee maximum operator safety
- manual clamping manifold to facilitate test operations
- power supplies for electronic instrumentation under test
- available ranges: from 30 mbar to 1000 bar - differentials, relative and absolute
- measurement uncertainty: up to 0.01% FS

Hydrotest skid (available in version with wheels)

The Hydrotest bench is used to carry out hydraulic pressure tests. Range up to 1250 bar.
Available in different configurations, it can be totally pneumo-hydraulic (in this case no power supply is needed), with instrumentation to be powered from the mains (example: pressure recorder) or with battery-powered instrumentation (example: digital pressure gauge with data logger).
An analogue pressure gauge is always available on the panel.

Technical features

- Measuring ranges (bar): 0 ... 140; 0 ... 280; 0 ... 800: 0 ... 1250
- Aluminum structure with wheels
- 19 "rack complete with control panel
- 30 l water tank
- Air/water pump (depending on the model)
- Two control pressure gauges
- Pressure regulator
- Exhaust valve
- Protection systems

| Datasheet | Manual |

SVTB - Valve Test Bench

This test bench is designed for easy, effective and safe use. All installed components are therefore tested and calibrated in compliance with the standards.

The bench is used to test the valves and document according to API 527 / API 598 / ANSI / DIN / BS standards:
- vertical test of the valves with flat and threaded termination
- size 1⁄2 "÷ 8"
- test with air or nitrogen
- maximum pressure 300 bar
- powered by cylinders (supplied by you)

| Datasheet | Manual |

PSVTB - Valve test case

The PSVTB case allows you to test the safety valves in accordance with the provisions of the sector standards. Practical convenience is increased by the possibility of carrying the valve test where it is necessary to perform the test and without having to transport the valves to be tested far away from the pant. The only power supply required: source of compressed air or nitrogen cylinder.

Technical features

- test medium: air or nitrogen
- compressed air inlet: quick coupling
- inlet air control pressure gauge
- fine pressure regulator
- regulated pressure control pressure gauge
- drain valve
- shut-off valve
- connection for valve under test with adapters from 1/2 "to 2" 1/2
- revolving attachment for digital reference manometer
- digital reference pressure gauge model CRP101 with integrated data logger
- bubbler for the leak test
- tool compartment for adapters, wrenches, etc.
- trolley with wheels
- Ranges available (bar): 0..7, 0 ... 16, 0 ... 25, 0 ... 40